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Our company was established in 2012 and it operates as a wholesale supplier in the Food service industry in Cyprus. In 2020, the company's operations have been expanded and created an online supermarket that aims to provide fast delivery of products to homes, businesses or other offices.

Our aim is to fully meet the daily needs of individuals and businesses, with a wide variety of food, beverages and other items.

Our goal is to develop two-way trust partnerships by providing quality services to businesses and households. The continuous increase of the variety of our products with quality items, the affordable prices and the timely delivery of the orders are the main axes of our services.

The experience, the specialized knowledge in the supply of our clients and their satisfaction of the service provided  are the most important guarantees for the development of new collaborations.

Food / Τρόφιμα

Pet / Φροντίδα για το Κατοικίδιο σας

Drinks / Ποτά

Frozen / Κατεψυγμένα Τρόφιμα

Deli & Dairies / Ντελικατέσεν & Γαλακτοκομικά

Bio / Βιολογικά προϊόντα

Personal Care / Προσωπική Φροντίδα

Household / Οικιακή Φροντίδα

Baby & Toddler / Φροντίδα για το Παιδί σας

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