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Store Policy

1. Customer store policy


(a) Any user who visits the website of our Company and trades with the services of our store electronically, is considered to have the consent and unconditionally accepts the following terms, without exception. If a user disagrees with these terms, then he has the obligation to discontinue visiting and using the services of our online store. Food-XLane has the right to modify, revise and reconsider the terms and conditions of use of the website and the transactions of the online store, at any time deemed necessary.

(b) It is implied that the entire content of the Website, including logos, marks, images, graphics, photographs, texts and broader settings of this website, is the intellectual property of A.CH. MEGALI EMBORIKI LIMITED. Under no circumstances may copying, transfer or creation of derivative work on the basis of this content or misrepresentation and / or corruption of public opinion regarding our online store be allowed.


(c) The Company has the ability to discontinue or modify the functions and contents of the Website without any notice.


(d) If the place of delivery of the order is an apartment/flat, then the delivery takes place on the ground floor, at the entrance of the apartment/flat building, unless there are special reasons that require the delivery of the order at the entrance door of the apartment. In the rest of the houses, the delivery will take place at the entrance of the house.


(e) In the event that the distributor of our company finds that during the delivery of the order the security is endangered, he has the right to leave and arrange a new delivery date or even cancel the order. In this case, money will be refunded.


(f) The packaging of the products presented on the website may differ from the packaging of the product to be delivered to the customer, but without altering the basic features of the product. In case the products that are registered in an order are not available, then the customer will be informed by phone or by e-mail.


(g) The prices of the products listed on the website are including VAT.


(h) The prices of the products listed on the website may be modified at any time without notice.


(i) Orders can only be placed by persons over 18 years of age. People under the age of 18 do not have

the right to use our website and register any order.


(j) Limitation of liability: Our Company is not liable and has no obligation to compensate for any damage resulting from the cancellation of orders, their non-execution and / or from the delay of their execution for any reason.

2. Personal Data Protection

(a) In order to achieve your best and fastest service, the user may voluntarily provide our Company through the website with specific information about his personal data such as name, email address, home address, mobile phone number, card identification number, location data, internet protocol address (IP), cookie ID, company registration number, etc. which relate to the execution and proper completion of his/her order. We assure the users of our online store that this information is used only for the transactions related to our store and in no case is it used for any reason and is not assigned to any other organization or partner that is not directly related to this store. In particular, we would like to emphasize that the use of your credit card requires proof of identification of the details of the legal holder of the card, which remain strictly confidential.


(b) The information gathered by Food-XLane through the website's primary purpose is to measure the number of visitors, to determine customer requirements for more products and to facilitate transactions with the company. Our company asks the users of the website to provide their personal data only in the case where the specific user has proceeded to the selection of the products they want to order. Specifically, for the completion of any order, you will be asked by our website the following: name, address, postcode of your area, your email address, your phone number, credit card details, how to pay for the order.

3.         Ways of payment     

-           Debit/ Credit cards

-           PAYPAL

Food / Τρόφιμα

Pet / Φροντίδα για το Κατοικίδιο σας

Drinks / Ποτά

Frozen / Κατεψυγμένα Τρόφιμα

Deli & Dairies / Ντελικατέσεν & Γαλακτοκομικά

Bio / Βιολογικά προϊόντα

Personal Care / Προσωπική Φροντίδα

Household / Οικιακή Φροντίδα

Baby & Toddler / Φροντίδα για το Παιδί σας

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