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Delivery & Returns

1. Delivery policy

a.    Our company serves areas in the province of Nicosia. Visitors to the website of Food-XLane can check whether deliveries are being made to their place of residence by entering their area's zip code when entering the site.

b.    Products are delivered on Mondays - Fridays between 9:30 and 18:30

c.    The minimum order amounts to €20. For orders over €50 the delivery costs are free of charge. For orders under €50, shipping costs of €5 will be charged. 

d.    In the event that the customer does not respond to the communication for delivery of his order within a reasonable period of time, then the Company has the right to cancel it and refund his money.

e.    The delivery of the order will take place one (1) working day from the date of submission of the order.

f.    Upon completion of the order, the customer is obliged to enter the desired range of three hours during which he wishes the delivery of his order to take place as well as the delivery date, which must be 1 working day from the date of the submission of the order as mentioned in point 2 (d).

g.    If the date entry is inconsistent with point 2(d), then Food-XLane has the right to adjust the delivery date based on point 2(d).

h.    Payment of the order is made at the time of registration of the order, electronically via PAYPAL or by credit card.
2. Returns and cancellation policy

(a) The customer has the right to cancel his/her order at least 24 hours before his/her preferred (based on 2 (e)) date and time of delivery only by sending an e-mail to

Food / Τρόφιμα

Pet / Φροντίδα για το Κατοικίδιο σας

Drinks / Ποτά

Frozen / Κατεψυγμένα Τρόφιμα

Deli & Dairies / Ντελικατέσεν & Γαλακτοκομικά

Bio / Βιολογικά προϊόντα

Personal Care / Προσωπική Φροντίδα

Household / Οικιακή Φροντίδα

Baby & Toddler / Φροντίδα για το Παιδί σας

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